Bromley; A Brief History

Bromley parish

Bromleag was the original name for what is now known as Bromley, Bromley was recorded being a town around 862 AD. Bromlaeg was an old english term meaning a woodland clearance. The first recorded landowners of Bromley were the Bishops of Rochester. It was owned by the bishop until Coles Child brought the parish in 1845. Bromley was a once a sleepy little village until the railway passed throughout in 1858. This went about creating growth which brought about the Bromley that is known today. At one time, Bromley’s parts were made up of distinctive parishes, originally being that regarding Bromley St Peter and St Paul, until in 1965 it took over as the London Borough of Bromley, as it’s today. Continue reading

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Bromley Starting Road Safety Younger Now

bromley road safetyFor a few years now, the emphasis has been teaching children of a young age about road safety. This now starts long before they ever get behind the wheel to drive a car or take a driving lesson by Bromley.

Bromley council have been leading the way in youth education of road safety. Support and advice is being provided to schools, adults and children, including course for road safety training for all Bromley residents. Continue reading

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