Huge Driving Test Changes Due in December 2017

sat nav on the new driving testLearner drivers must show they are able to make use of a satnav in a shakeup of the driving test.

But critics warned the move was a security hazard as it may raise ’ reliance on their satnavs to motorists.

Studies have found motorists ‘switch ’ parts of the brain when the apparatus are on off. The change to the practical driving test is among several declared in the largest overhaul for over 20 years.

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Taking The Driving Test; The Importance Of Driving Lessons

driving test tipsTaking your driving test is one of those things that most people don’t look forward to. In order to help ease this burden on the day of your test, it will help if you take it easy and try to focus on what you need to do rather than the nerves you maybe suffering from. This doesn’t mean you should take the driving lessons lightly and ensure that you understand and use all the complex and clear-cut manoeuvres repeatedly. Talk over any worries you have with your teacher to get it right and keep the correct measures in your brain.

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Reasons Why You Keep Failing Your Driving Test

driving testSome learners can not comprehend why they fail their test. It’s usually a result of learner driver error although in certain scenarios it may be something such as the driving examiner being a touch harsh throughout a scenario, in which a another examiner might pass. Let us see if we are able to help address any problems for those who have neglected several times to finish the driving test and take a look in the reasons that are most popular. Continue reading

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Preparing To Pass Your Driving Test

Passing your driving test is an event unlike any other, and you must prepare diligently. You shouldn’t tackle this like some other thing you have ever done. Provided you would like to achieve your goal of successfully passing your driving test, you need to train every aspect of driving in your driving lessons in order to be ready for the rare challenges that passing your driving test presents.

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A Guide To Buying Your First Car

Buying your first carSo you’ve done the hard work, and passed your driving test! Well done! Now it’s time to start thinking about buying your first car. However, this might not be as simple as you might think.

You might be forgiven for thinking that this is an easy task, however, there are many options and many pros and cons to each of these as we will outline for you here. We will try to help navigate you to the best option for you and hopefully, fill in any gaps you might have in your knowledge regarding this subject.

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