Britain’s Oldest Driving Instructor Turns 95

Great-grandmother Laura Thomas is Britain's oldest driver instructor at the age of 95 and claims to have taught "every motorist" in her home town

image source: Wales News Service

Britain’s oldest driving instructor has just passed her 95th birthday. Laura Thomas started driving she in 1938 after her brother purchased her a vehicle for Christmas. And she is not planning to quit anytime soon. The Great-grandmother declares to have actually taught “every vehicle driver” in her home town.

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Changes To The Way You Will Be Taught On Driving Lessons

People learn in various ways and have specific abilities and talents. A style of instruction that is ideal for one pupil might not be suitable for another learner. Some student motorists react highly to visual material such as designs and diagrams. Others require a more hands on strategy before a subject is learned fully. Driving instructors must examine how their pupil best responds to learning styles and tailor their training to satisfy the pupil’s needs. Continue reading

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