Forward Bay Parking to the Left

Car Parks and Instructions Given

The forward bay parking manoeuvre will be conducted in a car park where the test candidates will have various options to choose an appropriate bay. For example, the examiner will not use car parks where only a single bay available.

The candidate will be able to choose a bay either with or without vehicles parked to the side. The instruction given by the examiner will vary depending on the layout of the car park. For example, if there are only bays on the right-side, this will be reflected in the instructions given. Essentially, you’ll be given instruction to drive forward into a bay (to either the left or the right if available) and to then reverse out, the choice of bay is for the test candidate to decide.

Rules for this this manoeuvre:

  • You cannot drive through the first parking bay and park in the bay in front of that.
  • For the reversing section of the manoeuvre, you must not reverse into any bays behind you.
  • You are permitted to make corrections. For example, if you are entering a bay but feel that you may be too close or driving on one of the lines, you may reverse again, sufficiently enough to correct your position.

How to Forward Park into a Bay Tutorial

  • You may choose a bay that has cars parked either side, or to one side or that is clear of vehicles both sides. Tip: If available, choosing a bay that is clear of vehicles both sides will make observations whilst reversing far easier.
  • Throughout the manoeuvre, keep the car very slow – think slow walking speed. This will allow you to remain accurate, whilst simultaneously observe and react with potential hazards around you.
  • Continuously look into your mirrors and around the vehicle. If you see any pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles approach your vehicle then stop. Wait until they are clear and have moved out of your way before continuing. Another driver may stop to allow you to continue, in this instance carry on, but first check all-round to ensure it is safe to do so.

Forward Bay Parking to the Left

Forward bay parking to the left manoeuvre reference point

Forward bay parking to the left reference point

Similarly to the above technique, locate the bay in which you intend on parking in and line up the first bay line so that it falls just under the left door mirror. At this point, quickly steer to full left lock and your vehicle will enter the red shaded area.

Where to stop the car once in the bay reference point

Where to stop the car once in the bay reference point

Where to Stop in the Bay

Hitting your wheels on the end of the bay kerb or failing to fully enter the bay (the rear of your car is protruding out the bay) is likely to result in a test failure.

This reference point can be used for an understanding for awareness of where your vehicle is in the bay once stopped. Therefore, knowing that you are sufficiently parked within the bay and stopping at this point will avoid your wheels from hitting the end of bay kerb.

As your vehicle enters the bay, wait for the end of bay kerb or line to fall just under your door mirror. At this point stop the vehicle.

Reversing Out

Reversing out of the bay reference point

Reversing out of the bay reference point

If there are vehicles parked in the bays next to you, to avoid hitting them with the front of your car when it swings out, it’s essential that you do not turn too early or too much.

Keeping your steering straight, reverse out of the bay until your door mirror lines up with the front or rear of the vehicle parked next to you. At this point, turn your steering wheel half-turn left or right (depending on which direction you are reversing). When you are confident that the front of your car is clear of the vehicle, quickly continue to full lock.

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