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Driving Lessons in Bromley with EL’s Driving School

Serving most of South-East London and Bromley. We aim to offer top quality driving lessons at an affordable price. We have been instructing people to drive for a long time, and our high success rate reflects this.

All of our driving instructors are Grade-A rated Approved Driving Instructors and are officially registered by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. Because safety is a significant issue, we ensure all of our driving instructors are CRB checked regularly. Please note: to drive in the UK you must be able to read (with glasses or contacts, if required) a car number plate from 20 meters.

Regular driving lessons taken with our local driving instructors on a weekly basis is still the best way of learning. Giving you the opportunity to take driving lessons at your preferred pace.

Also, this will give you the time to digest what you have learned between your training sessions. Helping to get you ready for your practical test as soon as possible.


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5 star reviews!

Take a look at some of our most recent testimonials from our learners.

Totally recommended! Always turned up on time, professional and meticulous – had a different instructor before but it was a much better experience this time (and crucially I passed!). He is also very friendly and a great teacher! Will work on your bad habits and you’ll see much improved driving – driving skills that will actually stay with you beyond passing the test. First rate!

Edison Huynh

Thank you so much to Els driving school passed first time! Very reliable with reasonable rates. I would highly recommended… Top Instructor!

Alana G

Would like to say a big Thankyou to El’s Driving school for helping me pass my test on Monday I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to pass their test as he is very professional, always on time and excellent at putting me at ease, he also teaches in a methodical style which makes it easy to learn.

Soner Mustafa
theory test pro

FREE For EL’s Learners

  • Show & Tell questions and answers including pictures of the engine bay
  •  Use of our exclusive driver resources website: with videos and many useful resources and information
  •  Theory test internet-based training** (unlimited )
  •  Manoeuvres with detailed and easy to follow instructions of the Turn in the road, Reverse Parking and Reverse Left.
  •  Ebooks: Know your Traffic Signs and the Highway Code

Learn the latest techniques from EL’s

We offer free pick up and drop off for your driving lessons around Bromley and the local area. Therefore, we welcome all learners whether you are a nervous new learner or an experienced refresher driver. Furthermore, our driving instructors will tailor the training sessions to your specific needs and requirements.

Currently, the national driver test pass rate is 47.3%. Meaning that the level of driving skill needed to pass the practical test is much harder now than ever before. We will ensure that you can learn to negotiate all the roads in Bromley and prepare you for a lifetime of safe driving. Our motto at EL’s is; ‘Pass them, and they will come’. Meaning we build our business based on helping learners pass as quickly and successfully as possible. Why, because it helps us build our driving school further with learner recommendations. If you do not live in Bromley and the surrounding areas, call us to see if we have driving instructors that can help.

1. Top quality. EL’s instructors adapt all training lessons in Bromley according to your individual needs. Since some people are nervous, if this is the case we wouldn’t force situations on you until you feel confident. We are the only school that has a diploma in Educational Psychology. We aim to provide our learners with the best value lessons possible. So, we continue to develop our training skills and methods outside of the required DVSA assessments.

2. Always on time. Our instructors are on time 99.9% of the time. However, if our instructors are unexpectedly running behind, we will let you know and will try to make up the time, where possible.

3. Amazing value. EL’s prides itself on providing the best lessons money can buy. We can guarantee that you that all levels of driver can learn value lessons from our high quality tuition. Even drivers that have been driving a long time!

4. Price freeze. We promise that whatever price plan you join us with, that’ll be the same price until you pass your test. Even though our prices may change in the course of your training, they will never go up for you.

Before you can take the DVSA practical test, you will need to pass the theory test. This is in two separate segments.

The first is the hazard perception test. This entails watching video clips of road scenarios and spotting the hazards. The second section is the theory test questions. You will need to answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly.

Luckily, EL’s instructors can help you with your theory and hazard perception test. And even better, we offer this for free. When you start with us, we will sign you up for our online theory test training service. You will be able to use it as long as you need to until you pass. Because the theory test has become harder, this will really help. This can be done alongside your lessons.

Free Ebooks To Help You Pass

Of course, it doesn’t just stop online. We can provide you with a free Highway Code and Traffic Signs Ebook. And your instructor will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. We have a number of offers to suit everyone. From students to experienced drivers, there is something for all. Be sure to check out our special offers now.

With our quality practical training sessions in Bromley, our instructors could get you on the road, no time at all. So don’t hang around.

What to look for from a good driving school

At EL’s Driving School, we cover most Bromley postcodes including BR1, BR2, BR3 & BR4 and many towns around the local area. Any good school of motoring should offer high-quality client centered driving tuition; you will only receive one-to-one driver’s education. However, we will solely be focused on developing your driving skills. This will be our top priority. We do not waste time on things that don’t matter. E.g. you will not be dropping off the driving instructor’s dry cleaning (believe it or not, this happens). To avoid this, you will need to spot the right driving instructor for you.

As with any good school of motoring in Bromley, your satisfaction must be the number one priority. You will find yourself making progress and a surprising rate on your driver training in Bromley. However, so that we can prepare you fully for your practical driving test, we will ensure that you get plenty of practical on-road practice on the test routes with our driver coaches. There is nothing better than knowing where you are going and what you can expect. All our locally Bromley based driving instructors cover the Bromley Court Hotel, West Wickham test centre and Hither Green in Lewisham. Our driving instructors will help you master the skills you need. In addition, these include driving tuition on; roundabouts, dual carriageway, changing lanes, town driving including anticipation of walkers and other vulnerable road users, manoeuvres and more. You will have the best chance of passing your practical test first time with our methods.

At EL’s driving school, we know that learning to drive in Bromley can be difficult, especially when taking driving tuition on today’s roads and surrounding areas. This is why we make sure we match the training and conditions in, Bromley to your specific needs. If you are a new learner, we will start you off driving on very quiet roads and lanes around the local area until you master the basics. Once you are confident, we will move you on to the more complex roads.

If you have had previous driver training in Bromley or anywhere else, but have yet to pass, we can help. At EL’s driving school we can assess your driving and decide the best course of action for you. Our driving instructors can help all standards of driver without exception.

Areas with cover:

Bromley BR1, BR2, BR3 & BR4
West Wickham
Grove Park

and most areas in between,

Bromley and South East London as well as many other areas.

If you do not see your area listed, give us a call and see if we cover your area.


What to expect from your Driving Lessons with our driving instructors

Using the latest training methods, our driving instructors in Bromley adapt the lessons to each learner. Additionally, if you have had practical driving lessons in the past with little results, this may have been the problem. Because every learner driver is unique, so all practical training needs to be adapted accordingly.

However, there is no point trying to treat everyone the same in their manual or automatic lessons. Some people learn quickly in their classes; others take longer. Some are practical and some less so. EL’s driving school understands this. Hence, with time and patience, all of these issues can be overcome. We can help you through the first steps to the last.


You can start your driving lessons at the age of 17 and can apply for your provisional driving licence from the DVSA 2 weeks before your 17th birthday.

It depends. There is a formula that says you take your age and double it, and the figure you get is the number of driving lessons you will need, however, it depends on the individual and their capacity to learn the practical driving skills. Part of learning to drive is also learning to be independent; this can sometimes be a challenge with the way the roads are in Bromley nowadays.

You will need to bring your provisional licence that you have obtained from the DVSA. And an eagerness to learn! 😉 If you have never driven before, then don’t worry, we will start you off on the quietest roads and lanes in Bromley and slowly build up your skills.

You can start your driving lessons before you take your theory test, some people find that this is the best way to prepare for your theory because can use what the knowledge you have learned on your driving lessons towards your driving test. We do offer free theory test training to all our learners.

We do now! Call us to find out more about our great automatic driving lessons offers.

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5 stars based on our latest reviews.