5 Reasons to take driving lessons in Bromley

5 reasons to take lessons in bromley

If you live in Bromley or the surrounding areas then you should really be taking driving lessons in Bromley and the surrounding areas and test routes. This seems like an obvious thing to state, however, many learners think of going to an area where they may get a test date quicker.

Or they may think of taking intensive lessons somewhere well away from where they live because they think they will pass their driving test in a week. And whilst this may be the case for a small percentage of learner drivers, for the majority it makes sense to stay local.

1. Local roads

You will likely start fairly close by to where you live, meaning you will not be too far out of your comfort zone, this can go a long way when you are first setting out on your driving career. Their is always something a little unsettling about driving in unfamiliar territory, this is the case for drivers that have been driving for many years, let alone some on who has never driven before.

2. Flexibility

You will take lessons when it suits you, not squeezing everything in, in just five days, or when you can make it to that far flung area where the driving school is based. We will come to your door, pick you up at a time that suits you, and drop you back home or whether we agree at the end of the lesson. If you have more time available, then you can take more then one lesson a week and do as many lesson as you desire (schedule permitting).

3. Local is better

The chances are you will have heard of the driving school you are wishing to take lessons with. You may have been recommended to a school by a friend of family member, or may have seen them driving around where you live. You may have seen there website or social media page. Again, familiarity is comforting and will help when you are trying to take up something as daunting as driving.

4. Test routes

You will certainly have the ‘edge’ if you learn somewhere you are familiar with as opposed to an area you know little about.

When you take local driving lessons, your instructor will gradually take you and show you around the West Wickham and Bromley test routes. Why is this important? It’s just like any exam, you would want to revise and practice your maths before you sit the maths exam.

So of course it makes perfect sense to practice the local test routes prior to your actual driving test. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

5. What to expect

If you have never driven before, you will not be thrown in at the deep end. That’s not wise on the roads around Bromley, simply because of the volume of traffic. Rather, you would be started off on the quiet roads, of which there are many and built up slowly from there. Eventually, you will want to be driving totally independently, carrying out manoeuvres and negotiating the many roundabouts, town driving, dual carriageways and many other driving skills, around the Bromley and West Wickham test route.

A few more things, always ask if your driving instructor is a fully qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), they should have a green coloured badge displayed in the windscreen of their car. There are Trainee instructors also, which means that they have had some level of training but are not yet qualified. You will be paying the same fee, so make sure you get more for your money by learning from an experienced instructor.

Ask for block booking discounts. Also, you might want to find out what kind of car your driving instructor uses for lessons. Many use small cars, but there are a few that use much bigger cars and even a couple that use four-by-fours. Although you can learn to drive in any kind of car, it will be advantageous to start fairly small. You will have plenty of time to drive larger cars after you pass your driving test.

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