can i take driving lessons before theory test

Driving Lessons Before or After the Theory Test?

One of the first questions you may ask yourself when starting your tuition is if you can take driving lessons before theory test. It might be the case that your driving instructor will want you to start training for the theory test if you have not got the basics down. It may be because the theory test could be harder than you anticipated, and you are well aware of that. But regardless of what you decide, you can take driving lessons before you take the theory test.

How is the theory test taken?

The theory test is taken on a computer at the theory test centre. If you are a new driver, you may find that the computer is an advantage as it will make the test much more manageable. It can be advantageous since you can study for this from home. And you can prepare for the examination at your own pace.

How hard is the theory test?

The problem that most learner drivers find is that you may underestimate the theory test. For example, there might be a lack of precision in the hazard perception test that you are taking. This could cause you to feel more uncomfortable, since you may be clicking too late or too early.

Where can you learn the theory test

Will you be learning for the theory test with an instructor? In most cases, this is not likely. You will be taught the theory as you drive, but it will not be in a formal type of lessons. Driving instructors are there to help you learn how to drive.

You can find yourself looking for alternatives to driving lessons. Some people might think that you should take a driving lesson with your family before taking the theory test. Not everyone would get the chance to drive with their family, so this won’t suit most people. However, if you can take the extra practice, then why not take it?

Getting help from a driving instructor

You should try and find a driving instructor who has access to theory test lessons for their customers as this could be an excellent resource for you on the theory test. Whatever the case maybe you are not going to be able to approach your instructor with a problem. The training that they have is going to be based on what you have.

Where will you study for the theory test?

The reason why you will take your lessons from the comfort of your home is that it is not going to be in a classroom. Some driving instructors might prefer that you took your lessons in a classroom as they are much more familiar with the requirements. For example, they will have a better idea of how long you will need to study and do a simulation session.

Taking your lessons from a driving instructor who recommends taking the theory test at the same time as lessons are the best option. They may not be able to recommend the best time to do the test so you may have to try and find it on your own. By choosing a driving school that will sign you up for free theory test training could be a great way to get your driving license much faster.

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