One in five drivers hasn't read Highway Code in a decadeYou could try reading the Highway Code yourself, but why should you bother if it’s not going to be useful? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that by only reading the Highway Code you’re going to keep up to date with changes in the rules of the road. This is not how it works. The laws of the road to change and soon, even you won’t be able to keep up to date with them all.

In this article, we will talk about…

  • Why to keep up to date with the Highway Code
  • Why you need to know your road signs
  • Why you might want to get help from a driving instructor
  • Find out why driving instructors are essentially Highway Code experts

Learn the road signs, understand the words and phrases and try to learn what to do when an emergency arises. If you don’t have the answers, you need to get those answers from a copy of the Highway Code.

Keep up to date with changes to the Highway Code

Make sure you keep up to date with the new rules and make sure you teach your children about the new regulations. Your kids will learn what to do when they drive and will be safer than you ever could.

Know your road signs

Now that you know how to keep up to date with changes in the rules of the road let’s talk about road signs. There are many road signs that you’ll have to watch out for, so you’ll need to be aware of them. Read the sign and keep it in mind at all times.

Road signs can tell you anything from warning you about excessive speed to an upcoming blind curve. They also tell you how to stop. It’s important to know how to stop safely because it might mean the difference between life and death.

Road signs tell you if you’re going to go in one direction or another. If there’s a limit on the road and you’re unsure of it, look it up in the Highway Code. If you get pulled over for speeding, you’ll be able to show your instructor exactly why you were stopped for speeding. Find out what it means to stop at stop signs. Remember that the Highway Code are the rules.

Get the help of a Driving Instructor 

Do you want to learn the rules of the road yourself? Would you like to be taught the Highway Code one to one? Some people prefer to be taught by a teacher rather than sit and read a book and learn for themselves. If this is you, as a solution, you can find a qualified instructor in your area and get him or her to teach you up to date rules of the road.

Keep in mind that you’re going to learn how to navigate a few places where the rules are signs are different from what you are used to in your local area. As long as you’ve learned enough about the Highway Code, you’re pretty much set to deal with any situation.

Driving Instructors – Highway Code experts

If you don’t want to learn traffic laws, find a qualified instructor who knows the rules of the road, because most driving instructors are experts around the rules and the signs around the Highway Code. While on your driving lesson, you can go through how to drive a car safely using the road signs. These will probably be a lot different than the old ones, but it’s better to keep up to date with the rules of the road.

Keep up to date with road signs and the rules of the road, because without them, you can never be safe driving. In addition to being safe, you’ll also be reminded every time you drive that the rules of the road apply to everyone.

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