you are thinking about moving overseas to gain employment or for business, having a UK licence after Brexit could be vital. However, what will happen if your driving license is not valid in the UK after Brexit? Is it valid?

The simple answer is yes, it is still valid as long as you are legally permitted to drive there. With no changes to the road rules from the EU in place after Britain leaves the EU, you can continue to drive there without any problems.

International Driving Licence

As long as you have had your UK licence for at least five years before leaving the country, it is perfectly legal to drive overseas. However, even then you may be required to have an International Driving Permit if you have any overseas connections. That’s all there is to it – without an International Driving Permit, driving abroad would be illegal.

If you do decide to drive overseas, that means you must obtain an International Driving Permit first. The permits are available from the Department for Transport, or you can use the new Permit Direct website.

Driving overseas after Brexit may mean you can travel into another country without having a driving license. In such a case, the only issues that may arise are at the border – whether you can enter without an International Driving Permit or not.

How to apply for an IDL

You also need to consider whether to go through the normal process of applying for a Temporary International Driving Permit, or whether you should apply for a temporary International Driving Permit, issued by the DVLA. Your local council’s licensing department should be able to help you with this.

Driving after Brexit requires no changes to the rules in force in the UK, as long as you have held a UK licence for five years and have been driving for that length of time before leaving the country. Just like all other legal documents, you will still need to have it endorsed by the DVLA if you intend to drive internationally after Brexit.

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