Driving on the Motorway for the First TimeLearning to drive on the Motorway has been a well established and very popular pastime for many generations, being a hard road to travel, there are no shortage of organisations providing both practical and theoretical instruction and support to help drivers prepare for the initial steps in their journey. Following a period of basic training, learners will be able to show off their car driving skills by taking on more challenging road journeys and mastering the finer points of passing control from the right foot to the left. Drivers will also be able to display their bravery in accepting their new found freedom and be trained in other important skills such as first aid and how to avoid an accident.

Learners get the green light

Many new learner drivers are amazed to discover that they can get behind the wheel of their own car after only twelve months of their compulsory driving tests with no Motorway training prior to 2018. Although the driving curriculum used in the tests is similar, the addition of driving lessons on the Motorway will make a huge difference to both the difficulty of the exam and the enjoyment of the driving experience.

Additional Training to deal with the busy roads

With over nine million motorists travelling on the motorway each year, learning to drive on the Motorway has become a very popular option for many drivers. Before this service was introduced, there was limited access to motorway facilities for the general public and local authorities were forced to operate their roads at different times of the day and all hours of the night. A learner driver would typically be required to use one of the expensive and very limited bus services which were limited to certain areas of the city, and often closed due to bad weather.

Travel farther and faster

The introduction of the Motorway has changed the lives of many. The UK is now a more affordable and accessible way of travelling, and the availability of better learning facilities has made the route much more appealing to potential drivers. With the introduction of the new learner driver motorway lessons, there is a much more varied selection of subjects, and a far greater choice of learner drivers to further develop their skills.

New job opportunities could await

The new drivers could be in great demand because they have taken the risk of taking on the responsibility of driving on the Motorway and can now afford to enjoy the relaxing and exciting journey. Along with the generous pay cheques they receive from their new jobs, they are also in a great position to take part in a range of specialist driving courses and weekend courses.

All learner drivers should also expect to receive all the necessary driving qualifications and passes as a standard requirement. For the first time, drivers will now be given the chance to test for their licence whilst they are still learning on the Motorway in between.

In conclusion, learners are now able to enjoy and benefit from the fantastic features of driving on the Motorway. By completing these driving lessons and courses you can also enjoy the benefits of driving on the open road. Anyone can experience and even take part in these benefits, regardless of your age, gender or the type of vehicle you drive.

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