the science of driving lessonsWhenever you are preparing to take a driving lesson, there are a few essential things you need to remember about the science of learning to drive. It is easy to think of driving lessons as some passive activity; however, learning to drive is much more involved than any other activity you have most likely undertaken up-to this point.

In this article, we will be looking at a few aspects that we need to be aware of before we go into our lessons. These include:

  • First, keep distractions to a minimum. 
  • Second, Don’t take things personally
  • Third, be sure to eat before driving lessons so that you can help yourself feel better when things do not go as planned.

Avoid distractions

The first and most important thing to remember about the science of learning to drive is that you should not let your mind wander. It is easy to stay focused on a particular task for a period of time, but it is tough to stay focused on more than one thing at a time. 

When you are in your car, get ready to meet all the possible distractions that might pop up in your line of vision. For example, if you notice the driver’s side mirror is in your field of vision, look up and round it to get a better view. 

You should not look down at your cell phone, and your cell phone should be stored safely in your trunk. It may be tempting to have a quick look down at your phone, but you are putting yourself, and others at risk. It would be a terrible idea because you are not looking where you are going, and you may trip over something in your haste to get to your destination. 

It would be a much better idea to focus 100 per cent on what is going on as things can change very quickly. Remember that hazards can crop up at a moments notice. You have to ready to deal with anything at any time.

Take feedback constructively

The second thing to remember about the science of learning to drive is that the best feedback is never personal. Feedback is never personal. No matter how bad a problem may seem, all it takes is a few supportive words, and your ego will not take much damage. Please don’t allow your emotions to come into the lessons as it is not meant to be seen as a personal attack.

Remember that the driving instructor is there to help you to perform to your best ability. Sometimes this can be challenging and uncomfortable. It would be a much better idea to listen to the feedback constructively. Try to see them more like growing pains, it may be painful for a short time, but once you’re over it, you are in better shape than before.

Never go into driving lessons hungry

The last thing to remember about the science of learning to drive is that if you are going into lessons hungry, you are likely to have a bad lesson. It is challenging for us to concentrate when we are hungry, and learning to drive takes a lot of concentration. Make sure you eat before driving lessons. Even a quick snack can make a huge difference.

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